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The Envelope

Luxury collection of Wardrobes & Accessories

We bring you yet another exquisite product for personal spaces – announcing the range of highly customizable, luxury collection of Wardrobes & Accessories and a variety of Beds by BENEDETTI, Italy now available at ETRELUXE in INDIA
The sensational range of Benedetti furniture blend design with timeless attraction. From light touches of hand painting, motifs and meticulous engraving to clean lines and modern shapes Benedetti products offer designs that are detailed, works of art for every taste.

The Benedetti products are made in Italy and are synonymous with originality, design, functionality and supreme quality.

The reliability of a product cannot be invented. It’s the result of the experience acquired over many years, of construction techniques and noble materials that respect environment sustainability, it stems from a constant research of the best design and from the great attention to the aesthetic value of each piece.
Since 1968 Benedetti has always had these objectives in mind which today underlie the recognized quality of its products.
• Versatility with luxury
• Made to measure cuts for those who appreciate luxury living
• Classic and Contemporary furniture
• Handmade pieces
• Solid wood for durability and safety
Take a look at the beautiful collection of wardrobes here –

For more info, please email us at preview@etreluxeindia.com

Leather Furniture for your Bedrooms

There is something very sensual and chic about leather that it never goes out of style. With so many options available now it is easy to plan a variety of looks that define your personal bedroom space.

Take a look at our selection of edgy leather furniture for bedrooms... and these are just a few. Let us know what you think and do share more cool looks that you find.

Furniture by Alivar, available at ETRELUXE, India

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Any discussion about smaller spaces needs to explore the idea of engaging mirrors around rooms to create a sense of open-ness and to make the space look bigger and more spacious than it is.

Mirrors don't just relect light, they also add another dimension by reflecting the view of the room back, making the room look larger to the eye and giving a sense of more space.

Image by Benedetti, Italy.  Product available at ETRELUXE in India

And of course there is so much more one can do with it. What do you say about it?


Princess bedroom ideas - and yes, these go the whole way

We are fulfilling the ultimate princess fantasy this time and these are seriously elaborate!

Beds with feathers and gold, ruffles and pretty shades, satins, pearls and bling, these have them all. Take a look at our picks, that say it all...

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Asnaghi, Italy - available at ETRELUXE in India

'Baroque' it, it's hot like how!

Furniture by Alivar, Italy at Etreluxe, India

It is a departure that always makes a comeback from its brief centrifugal fling and it returns to define design with a new meaning. Here we have selected some beautiful pictures that prove how the baroque additions, reminiscent of the old world charm are going to stay classic and timeless forever. The definitions may keep changing though.

Artify your Interiors

Well-placed and carefully selected wall art must just be the coolest and simplest way to convert your rooms into a stylish sanctuary. You can easily glam up your space with punch of colors, style, design and beauty depending on your taste.

These room displays are proof ... take a look

furniture by Alivar, Italy at Etreluxe, India

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