Glass Partition Systems made entirely of wood - Innovation by Citterio, Italy

Wood – Wall
Glass Partition Systems made entirely of Wood from Citterio, Italy new at ETRELUXE
From Citterio, Italy; available at ETRELUXE INDIA DELHI

Breaking away from the regular and experimenting with materials and craftsmanship has always been a Molteni Group highlight, and this time this is presented in the form of the

‘WOOD-WALL’ are the latest innovation in glass partition profile system that use wood as the material of construction for the profiles.  A very premium collection from Citterio, the ‘WOOD-WALL’ is inspired not just from nostalgic references to craftsmanship but presenting a synthesis of modern shapes and classic materials. 

The ‘WOOD-WALL’ partition walls for office make wood the primary and characterizing material.  It is not simply a product, or only a system of partitions made with different materials from the regular elements.  Wood Wall is the synthesis of a new approach through which Citterio starts a different way of setting up the working environment.  It is the expression of a rediscovery of natural materials and their essence.  The craftsmanship is just an inspiration, which handed down attention to the materials and their specificity.  The ancient techniques give way to modern technology.

The attention to materials is the need for authenticity beyond any simulation of finishes and colors possible today. Citterio started a renewed research on materials of each structural element, highlighting the actual temperatures of each, the colors and different fragrances, overcoming the possible counterfeits with modern industrial technologies. Laminated wood and plywood replace the solid wood improving the mechanical performances of each item.

Careful research of materials and production methodology has resulted in a changed design approach, bringing architecture and industrial design to substantiate the incentives and authentic sensations inspired to the true nature of materials. 

 An offering of Double and Single Glazed Partitions options along with Door systems in a variety of wood options are possible with this new system. 

You may download the catalogue for these systems from the following link – 

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MDL by UniFor, Italy - Premium Office Furniture available at ETRELUXE

MDL System by UniFor, Italy Complete system of tables, desks and accessories for differentiated work environments: task, communication and interactive activities. Professional workstations arranged in line and facing each other, meeting and conference tables in various forms and sizes, shelving and drawer cabinets. 

An office furniture system characterized by lightness, clean lines, structural flexibility and a full range of equipment. Design products for the office space now available @ETRELUXE @India @Delhi


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Careful planning that goes into creating the Akros masterpieces: handmade surfaces that are exclusive and unmatched in quality and perfection.

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CLIPPER Armchair by Molteni&C Available At EtreLuxe India
Echoes of modernism for this armchair marked by the juxtaposition of the padding of the seat and the linearity of the laminated wood backrest, an eterea parabolic shape continues through the entire piece into the back feet.

A comfortable but informal seat, and also a useful element in any room.

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One at a time. Made to order in the USA, with unmatched quality down to the smallest details.
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