December 20, 2016

Masterpieces: Handmade Surfaces by Akros, exclusively at ETRELUXE

Careful planning that goes into creating the Akros masterpieces: handmade surfaces that are exclusive and unmatched in quality and perfection.

Surfaces by Akros, Italy exclusively available at ETRELUXE in India.

November 25, 2016

CLIPPER Armchair by Molteni&C
Echoes of modernism for this armchair marked by the juxtaposition of the padding of the seat and the linearity of the laminated wood backrest, an eterea parabolic shape continues through the entire piece into the back feet.

A comfortable but informal seat, and also a useful element in any room.

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One at a time. Made to order in the USA, with unmatched quality down to the smallest details.
Now available at Etreluxe India

August 17, 2016

Best wishes of the Rakshabandhan festivities and celebrating relationships

July 30, 2016

KRISTALL by Sternhagen, Germany available at ETRELUXE.

Spellbinding and masterful, the Kristall sink is every bit as beautiful as its name suggests. Light refracts from its many facets like sun glittering on clean, natural crystal.

The Sani-Q technology allows the Kristall to sport finely rounded edges for easy upkeep, while looking crisp as a freshly cut stone. Just as in nature no two crystals take exactly the same shape, no two facets of this centerpiece sink are alike. Individuality is a natural perfection.

Material Used – Sani Q, Quartz made in Germany

Sternhagen’s patented high-tech Quartz based material was developed initially for timeless artistic sculptures.

With a built-in hygienic armour present at both the surface level and at its core, Sani-Q has unique attributes making it the material par excellence for applications needing outstanding resistance, easy maintenance and longevity. The cutting-edge elegance material, developed by Sternhagen.

Properties - 
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Scratch resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Stain resistance
  • Heat resistance
  • Antibacterial
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Resistance against spalling
  • Reparability
  • High-precision moulding
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May 24, 2016

Classical Collection of Surfaces, arriving soon at ETRELUXE

Carrying the Renaissance tradition to Modern interior set-ups

Carvings have covered the walls of caves, trace the black figure on Greek pottery and were the graffiti decorating walls in Pompei and Ercolano. Such etchings have a rich history and can trace the development of mankind.  
Acqueforte, the technique of etched engravings onto a surface, was born during the Renaissance. Its complex processes create unique and original engravings that once used to produce a few copies were destroyed to avoid them ever being made again. Acquaforte allows artistic creations that are truly unique decorative forms born of both fantasy and manual expertise. 
Today, AKROS (soon available through ETRELUXE) employs developments and innovations in graphic techniques applied to stone to reinvigorate Acquaforte and enliven their dream to draw on marble. These techniques applied to decoration create synergy and balance between art and architectural; crafted from the finest and most diverse materials. Their product is entirely handcrafted as it once was in studios during the Italian Renaissance but remain relevant and applicable for discerning clients and interiors. Akros' creations are inspired by ancient monumental constructions and famous works of art but add an unexpected luxurious twist modern interiors. 
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April 20, 2016

ETRELUXE showcasing on too now

We are on and you can view our profile for the latest projects, updates and product and space ideas! Take a look

Now view our latest projects and design ideas on Houzz as well

March 22, 2016

Our latest advertisement in Architectural Magazine

The advert effort showcases all our divisions, highlighted across 4 dedicated pages that bring out the essence of each of the divisions and capabilities. 

Etreluxe Bathrooms

March 17, 2016

We bring you yet another exquisite product for personal spaces – announcing the range of highly customizable, luxury collection of Wardrobes & Accessories and a variety of Beds by BENEDETTI, Italy now available at ETRELUXE.

The sensational range of Benedetti furniture blend design with timeless attraction. From light touches of hand painting, motifs and meticulous engraving to clean lines and modern shapes Benedetti products offer designs that are detailed, works of art for every taste.

The Benedetti products are made in Italy and are synonymous with originality, design, functionality and supreme quality.

March 14, 2016

Leather Furniture for your Bedrooms

There is something very sensual and chic about leather that it never goes out of style. With so many options available now it is easy to plan a variety of looks that define your personal bedroom space.

Take a look at our selection of edgy leather furniture for bedrooms... and these are just a few. Let us know what you think and do share more cool looks that you find.

Furniture by Alivar, available at ETRELUXE, India

Furniture by Alivar, available at ETRELUXE, India

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Any discussion about smaller spaces needs to explore the idea of engaging mirrors around rooms to create a sense of open-ness and to make the space look bigger and more spacious than it is.

Mirrors don't just relect light, they also add another dimension by reflecting the view of the room back, making the room look larger to the eye and giving a sense of more space.

Image by Benedetti, Italy.  Product available at ETRELUXE in India

Princess bedroom ideas - and yes, these go the whole way

We are fulfilling the ultimate princess fantasy this time and these are seriously elaborate!

Beds with feathers and gold, ruffles and pretty shades, satins, pearls and bling, these have them all. Take a look at our picks, that say it all...

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Asnaghi, Italy - available at ETRELUXE in India

'Baroque' it, it's hot like how!

Furniture by Alivar, Italy

It is a departure that always makes a comeback from its brief centrifugal fling and it returns to define design with a new meaning. Here we have selected some beautiful pictures that prove how the baroque additions, reminiscent of the old world charm are going to stay classic and timeless forever. The definitions may keep changing though.

Artify your Interiors

Well-placed and carefully selected wall art must just be the coolest and simplest way to convert your rooms into a stylish sanctuary. You can easily glam up your space with punch of colors, style, design and beauty depending on your taste.

These room displays are proof ... take a look

furniture by Alivar, Italy

Landscape with Dance, Drama, LIGHT!

When one talks about lighting the Landscape of your house our experts suggest that a lot can be done with little.

Image Inspirations

Keeping in mind the way our eyes perceive light during the day and night and the areas it must essentially light, one can select from a range of beautiful artistic lighting options that provide a good focus which can be played around with to create an interesting throw of brightness on walls entrances and paths and which also enhance the beauty of your outdoor landscapes.

Walls can be highlighted by washing it with soft plays from outdoor lamps. Wide lamps positioned to graze walls and surfaces, create interesting highlights and shadows that accent nearby plants and surfaces, giving a warm and appealing look.

Reflection is not an issue outdoors since most surfaces are dark and do not reflect light much but position and shielding are more important in outdoor landscape lighting to prevent glare. Exterior landscape lighting should be sensitive to direct versus indirect light. Direct outdoor landscape light, such as a downlight outside a side entry door can brighten mostly the object it is directed at and little of the surroundings.

Indirect light reflects on the surrounding surfaces and creates soft spots of light are good for garden paths and the surrounding areas.

Space the lights at equal distances along the path you want illuminated to create a cozy and inviting ambience. Those who wish to go all out can add lights around plants and trees which makes for a perfect party place for barbecue get-togethers and partying outside.

Take a look at some of these ideas through lighting with these beautiful set-ups we have selected. We let the pictures do the talking now...

Image Credit - Flos, Italy.  the products are available at ETRELUXE in New Delhi, India.

Bunch of cool bathroom decorating inspirations to design a Man's bathroom.

We suggest, to start with changing whatever you don’t like, seriously there are so many cooler products now!

Make a few simple additions to accessorise and play around with the color themes. Choose a style that fits your personality – mediterranean, futuristic, Vintage, luxuriously traditional, futuristic, vintage or shabby chic and go all out to create a bathroom within your style.

Marble and concrete, different sized tiles, cool tech products would help you to make the space masculine.

Take a look at some design suggestions by our experts to pick your favorite. And share any options that you like.

from Agape available at ETRELUXE