Landscape with Dance, Drama, LIGHT!

When one talks about lighting the Landscape of your house our experts suggest that a lot can be done with little.

Image Inspirations

Keeping in mind the way our eyes perceive light during the day and night and the areas it must essentially light, one can select from a range of beautiful artistic lighting options that provide a good focus which can be played around with to create an interesting throw of brightness on walls entrances and paths and which also enhance the beauty of your outdoor landscapes.

Walls can be highlighted by washing it with soft plays from outdoor lamps. Wide lamps positioned to graze walls and surfaces, create interesting highlights and shadows that accent nearby plants and surfaces, giving a warm and appealing look.

Reflection is not an issue outdoors since most surfaces are dark and do not reflect light much but position and shielding are more important in outdoor landscape lighting to prevent glare. Exterior landscape lighting should be sensitive to direct versus indirect light. Direct outdoor landscape light, such as a downlight outside a side entry door can brighten mostly the object it is directed at and little of the surroundings.

Indirect light reflects on the surrounding surfaces and creates soft spots of light are good for garden paths and the surrounding areas.

Space the lights at equal distances along the path you want illuminated to create a cozy and inviting ambience. Those who wish to go all out can add lights around plants and trees which makes for a perfect party place for barbecue get-togethers and partying outside.

Take a look at some of these ideas through lighting with these beautiful set-ups we have selected. We let the pictures do the talking now...

Image Credit - Flos, Italy.  the products are available at ETRELUXE in New Delhi, India.

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